More Pageant Fun!!


If chosen to be Miss, Junior, or Little Miss Mundelein, you must agree to represent Mundelein with the utmost dignity and grace.  This will include attendance at the Lake County Illinois State Pageant, rehearsals, interviews, photo sessions, and any/all other functions associated with the Lake County Illinois State Pageant.
Unless prior approval has been granted by the Pageant Director and the Mundelein Community Days Commission, Queens must agree not to enter any other pageants while fulfilling your current Village Queen responsibilities, except for the Lake County Illinois State Pageant.

Title Holders must agree to refer all appearance requests to the Mundelein Pageant Director for approval and abide by the decision, should your request not be approved.

Should a title holder no longer reside in Mundelein, enter another pageant, or in any other way become ineligible, she must relinquish your title, crown, and prizes to the next eligible runner-up.  The Mundelein Pageant Committee will administer this provision with the utmost integrity and sensitivity.

Title holders must agree not to engage in drinking alcohol, drug use or smoking of any kind while holding the title. 

Note:  If a title holder should turn 21 while holding the title, she still may not engage in drinking alcohol while representing Mundelein and wearing the crown & sash.  If the title holder is attending an event on her own time (in other words not representing Mundelein at a planned event) she must be aware that she is still be the current Miss Mundelein and as such your conduct will be scrutinized.  If the Pageant Director is made aware that a title holder is seen behaving in a manner deemed inappropriate for a Queen, she reserves the right to relinquish the title.

All newly crowned Queens must inform the Pageant Director of any social media accounts. Any pictures posted on the internet must be done in a tasteful and appropriate manner.   Any distasteful or inappropriate content may result in the Pageant Director’s decision to relinquish the title.

Any emailing or texting deemed threatening or bullying in nature will not be permitted during the year of service and any such occurrences brought to the attention of the Pageant Director may result in loss of the title.

Title holders must never chew gum while representing the Village of Mundelein and wearing the crown & sash.

Title holders must never wear jeans while representing the Village of Mundelein or while wearing crown & sash.  (Note:  ONLY the Pageant Director is allowed to make an exception.)

Title holders are expected to conduct themsleves in a lady-like manner at all times.  Queens are representing the village and are expected to act accordingly.

Visiting Royalty sections at other pageants are reserved for current and former Queens only.  Parents, boyfriends, friends, etc., should not sit in these areas.

Title holders are responsible for obtaining prizes for successors.  In addition, each queen will be required to assist with the preparation process for the following year’s pageant as delegated by the Pageant Director and Assistant Pageant Director.  Queen's parent or guardians are also responsible for assisting with the following year's pageants.

Commitments to appearances MUST BE HONORED.  Title holders will receive an event schedule and description sheet each month.  Queens must complete the form indicating what events she will be able to attend and return to the Pageant Director in a timely manner.  It is the expectation of the Mundelein Pageant Committee that title holders will attend every event.  If for some reason a queen cannot attend an event previously committed to, she must communicate this to the Pageant Director 1 week prior to the event so that we can contact the1st runner up to attend in your absence, if necessary.  If an illness occurs, please contact the Pageant Director as soon as possible to arrange for a replacement.

It is important that title holders write Thank You notes to EVERY business that has supported the pageant year.  These businesses are always impressed by something as simple as a Thank You note.  Please be clear that title holders will be continually sending notes throughout their entire reign.  Pre-printed note cards with title holder's name and title are beneficial.

When the title holder's year  of service is over and a new Queen has been crowned, former title holders will ONLY be allowed to wear their sash to events.  Only the current reigning Queen is allowed to wear her crown to events.  Whenever former title holders wear their sash, they are representing the Village of Mundelein and therefore must act accordingly.